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Quality Used Cars and Used Car Financing

Eddies is the home of quality used cars with good and bad credit used car financing in Edmonton. Bad credit isn't a problem at Eddies, as we offer a wide selection of used cars and aggressive lenders that want your business. We carry a wide selection of used cars, trucks and SUVs. We also offer fast financing on loans for people with good, poor or bad credit Eddies should be your first choice when it comes to used cars and bad credit used car financing.

Eddies was one of the first dealers to specialize in bad credit car financing in Edmonton. In fact, Eddie pioneered many of the standard finance options that are now standard for to people with bad credit. Our extensive used car financing experience is why you should look at Eddies for used car loans regardless of your credit.

Fast Approval Financing

At Eddies people with bad credit can expect fast credit approval on our loans for used cars. Our aggressive lenders are always looking to give consumers the ability to get into a vehicle while rebuilding their credit. In some circumstances we are able to provide in-house used car financing. No matter how bad your credit may be, you can count on Eddies for used car financing.

Used cars and bad credit used to mean a poor selection of used cars. Those days are over and with the interest rates that lenders are currently making available, it is a good time to shop and finance used cars.


  • Fast Guaranteed Approval Financing
  • We finance your future, not your past
  • We offer many financing options
  • Good or Bad Credit, we don't discriminate .
  • We only sell certified used cars
  • We have your best long term interests in mind.
  • We treat customers with respect.

Dealership Statistics

100,000 Cars Sold
$125,000,000 Approved Loans
100% Customer Satisfaction
25 Years In Business

Our solutions for auto financing

Certified Vehicle

To be certified in Alberta a vehicle must pass a thorough 64 points inspection by a licensed mechanic. If the used cars fail one single inspection point then the car cannot be certified and any deficiencies must be repaired.

Award Winning

Eddies also offers extended warranties and other insurance protection products. We take care of our customers and go the extra mile to earn the trust of our customers and repeat customers who rely on us.

Music To Your Ears

Here at Eddies, we are smart enough to realize that life has a way of throwing curves into people's lives that result in damaged credit. Everyone goes through their ups and downs and one of the fastest shortcuts to boost your credit rating is with an Eddies used car financing.

Easy To Work With

Eddies offers lower preferred rates. Our goal is to build long term relationships and prove ourselves to earn your repeat business. It all starts with our used car financing.

Used Truck Financing

With Eddies you are in good hands and what separates us from the competition is our focus on long term sales and financing. We don't ignore the obvious. We know trucks wear out and people are constantly upgrading, especially with trucks.

Flexible Subprime Loans

One major advantage with Eddies is our experience with subprime loans. We have a streamlined credit approval system built through years of trial and error. This is why we approve almost 100% of the credit applications we receive for for used car financing.

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